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This page is dedicated to the history of this practice.  Thanks to Dr. Fred Silloway, this practice is strong, prospering, and as dedicated as ever.  Dr. Fred started St. Johnsbury Dental in 1961 with his lovely wife Nilda Silloway in a quaint house on Main Street.  Through their hard work, they were able to grow a successful practice, necessitating two moves to accommodate the needs of the community.  With its remnants of historical architecture and beauty, the practice now resides in the old Notre Dame Church's rectory.  Dr. Fred was able to grow a small business run by Nicky and himself into a bustling practice with 24 employees.  The practice still carries his love and charisma.  His spirit still remains in the heart of this practice through both its patients and its employees. Fred Silloway will forever be loved and missed.


In loving memory of Fred and Nilda Silloway.